little mix meme | [1/2] favorite couples » perrie edwards & zayn malik (zerrie)

"Thank you to my sanity… Zayn! Aha :) thank you for always being there for me and taking care of me! Don’t know what id do without you! Love you! <3"

Eleanor in 2008

people still use pics of Louis throwing up as reaction pics 😒😒😒



The most creative insult people come up with for louis is that he looks like a rat…..yess..a rat wearing a 2k burberry sweater while ur ass sit at home all day in a $7 walmart tshirt try again

Louis doesn’t have a rotting tooth tho ?????


Reactions to Louis wearing the coat


Golf harry is the best harry and if you tell me otherwise you’d be lying.

@maddierachel: Hanging with Harry in PS

derp face niall Heathrow airport in London this morning

lemurpeen charitylou isn’t active anymore this is the blog i use



If you really think Louis isn’t wearing that jacket for a reason, I’m going to need you to reevaluate some things. “He had to dress up because of the event!” This is a man who showed up to a red carpet movie premiere in sneakers, a t-shirt, and a blue jacket. NEXT.

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